Flight Instruments

Flight instruments are a critical component to flying any aircraft, including helicopters. There are several different categories of instrument Pitot-Static Instruments and Gyroscopic Instruments. The following videos provide and overview of these systems.

Pitot-Static Instruments

Gyroscopic Instruments

The following video is a good representation of traditional gyroscopic instruments. The video uses examples from airplanes. Although the principles are the same, helicopters will not use air or vacuum different gyroscopic instruments, they will be all electric if installed. Also note, the many replacement instruments are now completely digital, and provide the same indications but through digital methods and not actually using a gyroscope but AHRS.

Attitude Heading Reference System

New aircraft and many existing aircraft are being supplied or upgraded with digital instruments. Although the indications in the to the pilot are similar, the method of obtaining the indication is different. The following video provides and overview of the Attitude Heading Reference System, commonly referred to as AHRS.

Magnetic Compass

The magnetic compass is the only non-powered instrument in the aircraft. Below are a few videos related to the magnetic compass, including compass errors.